Our Unique Offering.

AUGold is the online platform delivered by Atrium Underwriters Ltd (Atrium). Working out of Syndicate 609, Atrium operates out of the world-renowned Lloyd’s building, with history dating back to the 1930s.

AUGold was designed to benefit US MGAs and their retailers, with a full-service quote to bind environment, for the placement of Commercial and Residential risks, within the Excess and Surplus market. AUGold provides comprehensive coverage solutions and places greater underwriting flexibility in the hands of our partners.


Technology, Connection, and Empowerment

Technology is at the center of reshaping the industry and strengthening the relationship between retailers, MGAs, and insurers. AUGold delivers robust integration, seamless product placement and distribution.

With AUGold, broad coverage, flexible limit options, competitive rates, and the ability to obtain a quote and bind coverage in minutes. Our goal is to empower our partners by boosting operational efficiencies.

The AUGold platform, supported by the Atrium Risk Management Services (ARMS) team, provides an engaging, collaborative, accessible, and productive environment for our partners to transact business and connect with us in real time.

Coverage Solutions Setting the Gold Standard for MGAs

Our coverage offerings enable our partners to serve residential and commercial property owners and developers throughout key phases in the transitional real estate life cycle – from vacant land and properties to new builds, renovations and occupied properties.  A strong underwriting culture allows us to think through the risks we write, accept difficult risks, and provide key features in each of our products.

The AU Product Collection offers unique features that help distinguish your place in the market. The AU Product Collection consists of the following:

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