AUGold Welcomes You To

The WSIA Underwriting Summit

March 3-6

Simon Lewis

Head of Digital Underwriting and President of ARMS, London

Aneisha Goldsmith

Vice President, Business Development, United States

Gabrielle Griffith

Underwriter, London

Adam Payne

US Professional Liability Underwriter, London

Thomas Hobbs

Underwriter, London

Natalie Dubois

Underwriter, London

The team at AUGold is thrilled to announce our attendance at the WSIA Underwriting Summit in Phoenix, AZ from March 3-6, 2024. We can’t wait to connect with our partners and fellow industry professionals to discuss the latest trends and developments in the E&S Market. We appreciate the opportunity to network and explore and expand on potential and current partnerships.

 We hope to see you there!

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  • AUGold continues to provide Gold Standard coverage for Vacant Property, Builder’s Renovation, Course of Construction, Dwelling, Professional Liability, and more!
  • AUGold enjoyed a banner year in 2023, collaborating with our partners and providing marketplace solutions in a challenging environment.
  • Full quote to bind API opportunity has arrived. Let’s discuss!
  • The AUGold Professional Liability team has an enhanced offering to include D&O, EPL, Crime, and more! Ask us about it.
  • AUGold delivers for Mid-Term Builder’s Renovation and COC projects. How can we assist you?
  • AUGold commissions continue to top the marketplace.
  • The AUGold Website was launched in 2023! Take a look!

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The AU Product Collection offers unique features that help distinguish your place in the market AUGold provides broad coverage, flexible limit options, competitive rates, and the ability to obtain a quote and bind coverage in minutes.

You will find a brief description of our flagship products in the AU Collection along with a downloadable marketing brochure for a deep dive into the features of each coverage.